Cash Flow, Baby!

What’s all this talk about cash flow, anyway?

Information on how to maximize your positive cash flow

It’s no secret that one of the clear benefits to owning and investing in real estate is that it can provide stable income, or cash flow. Specifically, and ideally, an investor will seek positive cash flow when analyzing and comparing investment options.

Cash flow is not an overly complicated calculation and most novice investors can do the simply math required to determine a property’s net yield; however, focusing solely on cash flow yields can prove extremely problematic for new investors.

While comparing cash flow yields, investors must also consider taxation, return on cash investments, capital expense requirements and risk assessment.

If you ever have any questions about cash flow, any at all, please don’t be shy. Give me a call or send me a text or email. I am always willing to chat real estate over a cold beer or strong coffee.

Brock Frost