Real Estate Flips

It’s time to flip out.

Analyzing real estate flips (resales) as part of the investment portfolio

“Flips” are a great alternative to rental properties and can provide some tremendous benefits to an investor’s bottom line. Unlike rentals, which provide slow and steady financial growth over time, flips can provide opportunities for quick and large cash profits.

Caution however must be given to flips as they have the potential to financially devastate rookie investors. Knowledge of market values is a must in addition to expertise on capital and renovation costs. Furthermore, taxation needs to be considered as well as Canada Revenue Agency has very clear rules when it comes to business income vs capital gains in relation to investment property flips.

If you ever have any questions about property flips, any at all, please don’t be shy. Give me a call or send me a text or email. I am always willing to chat real estate over a cold beer or strong coffee.

Brock Frost