How Much Money is Enough?

How much money is enough?

First things first – I love Canada. After being fortunate enough to travel to a large part of this world, I am still grateful and excited every time I come back to the Canadian borders.


There is a serious flaw with our culture. While traveling has certainly made me appreciate the good that we have here at home, it has also simultaneously made me aware of our many flaws. The biggest flaw that we suffer as Canadians is our constant obsession with planning for  the future. In fact, we plan so much for the future, and dwell so much on the past, that we often forget to enjoy the present. The present is, in my opinion, the most important time to focus on. After all, it’s happening right now!

Perhaps it gives people hope to let their mind wander to this “utopic” period in the future – the perfect time where taking that trip will make sense, or studying a new language, or taking a cooking class; because certainly they simply “can’t” do it right now. It’s just not the right time.

So what does this have to do with real estate? Well, I invest in real estate not to constantly plan for the future (although I am aware that I will have a future). Rather, I use it as a means to an end where I can live life in the PRESENT by my own terms, the way that I want. I don’t make money just to collect it. I make it to give me the freedom to live!

Brock Frost