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Tax & Capital Gain Analysis

  1. Discuss Income Tax Act in relation to capital gains, business income and tax exemptions.
  2. Review methods of minimizing tax liabilities for investment properties.
  3. Review tax terminologies including cost base, adjusted cost base, capital cost allowance and capital depreciation.


Reinvestment of Proceeds Analysis

  1. Compare and contrast opportunity costs of disposition vs. holding of investment properties.
  2. Review and compare alternative methods for proceed re-investments.
  3. Discuss methods on minimizing tax liabilities at disposition.


Strategic Sales Option Consulting

  1. Review and compare alternative methods of disposition and associated risks/benefits.
  2. Generate estimated proceeds of sales through multiple sale methods.
  3. Set action plan with strict time periods for disposition.
  4. Review tax liabilities for each option.


Market Assessment & Comparable Sales Analysis

  1. Review and compare all methods of to value – comparison approach, cost approach and income approach.
  2. Conduct market review of sales history of similar properties.
  3. Perform financial analyses of GIM, cap rates and NOI of similar properties.
  4. Analyze market trends affecting value.


Residential & Commercial Tenancy Consulting

  1. Review Residential Tenancy Act.
  2. Discuss Rent-to-Own contracts and compare benefits/setbacks vs. normal tenancies.
  3. Discuss potential risks of income-producing properties in relation to tenants.
  4. Compare methods to maximize returns and relationships with prospective tenants.
  5. Structure of lease agreements.


Investment & Market Risk Analysis

  1. Analyze and review market trends affecting value including legislation, municipal by-laws, demographic changes and gentrification, social issues, income fluctuations and other considerations.
  2. Compare alternative properties and assign market risk factor to adjust ROI expectations accordingly.


Unpaid Judgement & Collection Consulting

  1. Discuss and review legal options of recouping rental arrears.
  2. Review policies and procedures of Landlord and Tenant Tribunal, serving of notices, Small Claims Court and Collection Agencies.
  3. Analyze and calculate estimated liabilities of tenant creditors.