My Story

In 2014, I was on top of the world – or so I thought. At the young age of 33, I had already built a net worth of over $1 million through a variety of creative real estate ventures. I was the top sales producer at my real estate brokerage, owned a popular semi-pro hockey team, was well-known for my philanthropic projects in the community and had been elected to serve on the City Council of Cornwall.

Unfortunately however, my public image and business success quickly came crashing down. The hockey franchise was a financial disaster, and losses of over $15,000 a week caused me to act irrationally, eventually leading to criminal fraud charges. Once the media got word of the charges, my name appeared daily in the local news, and rumour after rumour about all aspects of my life began to spread like wildfire on social media and online blogs.

After only a year in public office, I resigned my seat on City Council and relocated to Ottawa to make a fresh start - but the damage had already been done. The whirlwind of stories had destroyed my reputation, left me financially underwater and I teetered on the verge of bankruptcy.

I had officially hit rock bottom.

For weeks I consumed nothing but a diet of antidepressants and alcohol to avoid facing my new reality. I struggled tremendously with the harsh truth of what had happened in such a short period of time and scrambled to make sense of where my life would go from there.

And just like that, it all changed.

Tired of feeling weak, broken and beaten, I vowed then and there to rebound from this devastating hardship and rebuild what I had worked so hard to create. In 2016, my attorneys fought to have my criminal case discharged and I also managed to successfully negotiate a settlement with my creditors, allowing me to maintain my entire real estate portfolio. I worked vigorously to rebuild my brand and am now recognized as the leading investment expert at the fastest-growing Re/Max brokerage in the world, Re/Max Core.


I quickly recognized that there were many positive lessons to be learned from my downfall and I wholeheartedly embraced each one. I began spreading my story, educating others that by accepting failure as a gift and removing all negativity from one’s life, anything was truly possible. Through my seminars and public speaking appearances, I am blessed to have inspired hundreds of individuals to share their own stories in the hopes that they, too, can create a perfect mindset.


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My first book, The Investor Mindset, highlights the events that occurred in my life between 2014 and 2018. I went from politician, community leader and well-respected investor to criminally charged, insolvent and shameful. The book shares the methods I learned to rebound from my hardship and become a much better person as a result.


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